Friday, June 3, 2011


Throughout my years my biggest dream has always been to help the less fortunate out. I mean I am not rich or anything by any means, however I feel I am more fortunate than the people I do help out.

I live here in the USA, a country full of opportunities! I was brought here at the age of 2 by my parents who migrated here from El Salvador! How lucky am I! I got to come here with the legal immigration papers and rights. I went to school here. I lived in a mostly nice homes. I worked here, had my children here, got married here and became a US Citizen here!

As long as I can remember I have always had food on the table, a roof over my head, clothing on my back, my health and my family. However, I always stopped to think, what if I did not have all this? What if I was left in my war riddened country of El Salvador all my life? How would my life be different for me?

What about all those children left fatherless or motherless by the wars & violence in El Salvador? What about all the people left in poverty from all the injustices in El Salvador over the years? I wonder how much they wish they were me?

I figure the least I can do is help them! I started by taking things to give away in El Salvador every year to the poor. Then last year in 2010, I found a wonderful organization called The Flying Docs. Last year I got to go with them on a trip as a Translator for the doctors. Mind you this trip is not paid for by them but by the volunteer, meaning me! We each had to pay an $800 donation to help with our accomodations, food and any monies left over are used for medicines for the clinics or any other needs. We each have to pay our airfare as well. You can read about that trip in the organizations website (Summary of trip on their website here), you can read the full version of the trip (Here).

You can also see my pictures of the trip.

This year, I am going again to translate (click here for project info) but this time I am taking both my daughters, my niece and myself. I would also like to take toys and clothing for the children again like last year. This is where I need your help! I shipped my box last time through TACA CARGO. It cost me $450 for everything, shipping, Aduana Fees and transportation within El Salvador.

I would like to ask if the public can help by donating towards the shipping of the box to El Salvador. You can donate any amount you like! I figure $1.00 a person x 450 people with a heart can get that box there!

The items every year are donated to me by my friends on facebook. I don't have to buy anything to take. If I could ask for just that help, that would be great!

Please use paypal to donate today whatever amount is in your heart (, my email address to donate to is (

Once this trip is done, I will post another blog with the new pictures, and will post receipts for everything and any monies left over I will donate to the Flying Docs of Canada!

Be a part of something wonderful today and donate!

Thank you all in advance,

Sandra Herrera
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank

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